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The Poway High School Choral Program offers an exceptional experience for over 200 students each year.  We are often invited to perform at special events, conventions and competitions. Running a program of this caliber takes significant financial resources.

We have basic expenditures like sheet music, piano tuning, accompanist fees, travel costs to festivals.  Additionally, the bulk of our operating expenses and capital needs (such as wardrobe pieces, acoustic shells, microphones and sound equipment) require extensive fundraising.

We appreciate the generous support of our community. Please consider helping with one, or more, of the choices listed below:

Thank You Patron Donors


($1,000 and up)

The Dave and Brenda Rickey Foundation


($500 -$999)

The Hooper Family

The Whitehead Family

The Whitson Family & Northrop Grumman



The Hayne Family

The Hunter Family

The Tynan Family



The Christensen Family

The Diaz Family

The Hoopes Family

The Johnson Family

William Keilt & Mitzi Cline

The Vines Family

The Williams Family

The Zabrocki Family



The Caldwell Family

The Davis Family

Robert and Gloria Hamson

The Langenberg Family

Titan Green

(up to $49)

The Davis Family

The Higgens-Goodell Family

The Springett Family

The Wadia Family

We apologize to anyone whose name is not listed.

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